Andorra Telecom must respond to the needs arising from the pandemic situation. The company's technical services are focusing their efforts from March onwards, with a large part of the population working and studying from home, on guaranteeing connectivity. The resizing of the infrastructure and the reinforcement of the NGN transport network allow us to respond to the substantial increase in Internet use during the lockdown period, when audio-visual consumption also increases. The priority that our customers give to connectivity from home has led us to launch the Wi-Fi Total service, which ensures the quality and continuity of Internet service in every part of the home.


The company continues to work with the evolution of infrastructure, aware of the growing needs of individuals and companies for Internet access. This 2020 we are running a pilot test of the evolution of the fibre optic access network from GPON -2.5Gbps to 10GPON -10Gbps- which will increase the downstream data capacity by a factor of 4 and the upstream data capacity by a factor of 8. International data communication is further secured by the extension and redundancy of the international data connection circuits, with one of the links to France being upgraded to 100Gbps. The offer of data services to companies is complemented by more bandwidth and allowing private APNs to be more accessible to our customers.


The introduction of a real-time biller -OCS- renews the prepaid product range while improving the post-paid catalogue where we have introduced eSIMs and BillShock in Roaming to protect our customers from possible unwanted consumption. We have continued to expand the capacity of our 4G network while becoming a 5G technical pilot


The product range on the Internet of Things -IOT- is expanding with new services and the renewal of the Fleet Management solution that will provide other location-based services.


Digitalization (link with digital transformation) is vital for Andorra Telecom and we are making progress in all areas. We have introduced Microsoft’s digital signature and collaborative tools as we work to incorporate Digital Onboarding, which enables digital and remote sign-up to our services.