Cloud Services

The continuous improvement applied to the Cloud product (cloud services) took shape in 2020 with the marketing of a new tailored Disaster Recovery service (Draas). This application automatically enables companies to have a secondary environment of virtual servers replicated in the cloud. In the event of an impact on the primary infrastructure, the continuity of the service is guaranteed and the company can continue its operations via the Andorra Telecom cloud.

?The acceptance of the new cloud services has been demonstrated by the increase in the procurement of virtual infrastructure (IaaS) and Cloud Backup (BaaS) services.

The cloud services have very useful features for customers, including the option of customising solutions and projects, the location of their data in Andorran territory with guarantees of security and redundancy, optimal latency and bandwidth, a 24-hour/365-day helpline and a hardware model without investment and payment for use.

Data Center

The migration of customers from the old Data Center in Arans to the new facilities of La Massana culminated in 2020. The transfer saves on infrastructure costs and, above all, brings an improvement in performance, a change highly appreciated by the customers of the service.

The Data Center in La Massana has the certificates for quality (ISO 9001), information security (ISO 27001), the environment (ISO 14000) and occupational hazard prevention and health and safety (OHSAS 18000). The security measures are also guaranteed by control of access to the facilities, video and physical surveillance, electrical redundancy with a generator set and state-of-the-art UPSs.

Development of the company connectivity catalogue

Companies’ connectivity is a priority for Andorra Telecom. The company enriched its solutions in 2020 geared towards the productive fabric. With regard to connectivity to the internet service, the proposed improvements focus on the Internet Access Module and the High-Capacity Internet Service. Private connectivity has been enhanced with the evolution of the Company Intranet Service.

Important advances are on offer for both of the above, including the option of procuring services with up to 1 Gbps of speed and having customised configurations on demand with the professional services.

Moreover, the Wi-Fi Total solution can expand the Wi-Fi coverage of the Andorra Telecom router on professional premises.

Telephony - Virtual Switchboard

The Virtual Switchboard is the quintessential solution for communication for small and medium-sized enterprises. Customers who procure this product have the lines, features, minute subscriptions and terminals to effectively manage their communication. The context of the pandemic and the need for companies to decentralise their services and activities has highlighted the possibilities and benefits it offers.

Several improvements were made to facilitate companies’ communication and encourage teleworking within the context of the health crisis in 2020:

  • A fast connection of a virtual switchboard extension with Wi-Fi connectivity in any location.
  • The expansion of our catalogue of terminals and accessories with portable speakers, wireless headphones and professional video conferencing equipment.
  • The launch of a project for the evolution of companies’ telephony that will incorporate teleworking solutions, collaborative work and user mobility, among other features. This evolution of the current telephony platform will be available within the commercial sphere in the second half of 2021.

Geolocation Services

The Geolocation Services platform is a tool that allows companies to organise and coordinate their vehicle fleets in real time with the aims of improving their efficiency, reducing costs, facilitating work operations and ensuring the maintenance of the vehicles and the safety of people.

The new Geolocation Service is a solution for connected devices (also called the Internet of Things) designed for the management and real-time monitoring of a company’s vehicle fleet, the positioning of people and the positioning of mobile phones and Tetra devices. Since March 2020 we’ve had a new platform that allows us to offer new features, including driver management, task management, route planning, a communication module, improved reports, fuel management and car-sharing management.

SMS Services

The use of instant messaging applications for smartphones such as WhatsApp, Line and Telegram via the internet has undergone significant growth in recent years. The expansion of this new channel has gone hand in hand with the consolidation of messaging via SMS.

The SMS solutions we offer form part of the package of direct marketing services and allow customers to send short SMS messages individually or in groups.

SMS Marketing enjoys one of the highest opening rates, as 90% of the recipients who receive a message actually read it. It’s an excellent tool for maintaining an almost instantaneous, close and direct relationship with customers. At the same time, it’s difficult to replace with other messaging solutions. This type of communication via SMS doesn’t create any spam.

The company can use this tool to conduct commercial campaigns or send appointment notifications regarding a query or any company that needs to rapidly inform its customers of something.

Andorra Telecom has two types of solutions. The SMS Direct service is a solution designed for companies that allows them to send short messages individually or in groups via a web platform or by integrating our solution into their software via an API (application programming interface).

The other option is SMS Premium, a service that can generate income by receiving SMS for an extra cost. This is widely used as a tool for collecting donations or contributions in its Charitable SMS modality.

More than 2,890,000 SMS were sent through these services in 2020, an increase of almost 30% over the previous year. This is a significant figure given the current context.

Advertising Services

Andorra Telecom has its Andorra Telephone Directory-Yellow Pages, the most comprehensive and updated directory of companies, with more than three thousand advertising placements and a circulation of around 27,500 copies. Businesses can advertise themselves by means of adverts or advertising placements alphabetically classified by business activities.

All the businesses in the Guide are to be found in the 111 National Information Service, a telephone number for finding out the details of the companies advertised in the Yellow Pages.

The current situation has led to an acceleration of online habits and consumption to minimise the negative effects of the crisis on businesses. To help SMEs to integrate into the digital world, we provide the web search engine that they can be listed in.

Therefore, the Andorra Telephone Directory-Yellow Pages has a digital presence on the, on which company inquiries can be made.

In this vein we’ve recently launched a space available for digital advertising, the new Television Advertising Service. We’ve provided companies with a space on the fibre optic TV welcome screen where advertisers can place a banner ad.

This new product enjoys high penetration into homes, has proved very popular and gives advertisers excellent visibility.

The success of the advertising services is demonstrated by the 100,000-plus visits a year to the company search engine, the 250,000 calls to the 111 information service and the 30,000 people who have an impact with the new advertising service on the website.

Andorra Wi-Fi

Mobile technology and internet access have revolutionised our and tourists’ daily lives. They can serve as a guide or a street plan, help us to find the best restaurants and accompany us throughout the purchasing process, journey or need.

In the data age, 51% of users use the internet for more than two hours a day and nine out of ten people do so via their mobiles. It’s therefore confirmed that connectivity is extremely important inside the home, but especially outside it.

Andorra Wi-Fi is an open and free internet access network that provides connectivity to the main commercial centres and the areas with the highest concentrations of tourists. The deployment ensures coverage in central and commercial locations and in the parishes’ main points of interest.

The network began in the commercial area around the Meritxell and Carlemany Avenues and it has been gradually extended to the rest of the territory.

The aim is to offer an excellent connectivity solution based on Wi-Fi networks while becoming a useful alternative for having an advertising impact on the users who connect to it.

Andorra Wi-Fi had 155,133 users in 2020, a highly significant figure given the restrictions on mobility and, therefore, tourism due to the pandemic. The number of people who connected to it stood at 224,839 in 2019. 91% of the users are Spanish, most of whom are Catalan (60%).

Professional Wi-Fi

Having a high-quality wireless internet connection has become an imperative for all kinds of establishments in just a few years. Wi-Fi access has ceased to be an extra and become an essential asset in the hotel, restaurant, leisure and services sector and one of the services most appreciated by customers. The quality of the service represents a competitive and differential value in the customer experience.

More and more companies are opting for professional solutions that guarantee high-quality connectivity in all areas and security. This interest is demonstrated by the acceptance of the Professional Wi-Fi solution among our customers. The number of companies that chose this service, which allows customisation for each customer, increased by 40% in 2020.

Professional Wi-Fi offers a comprehensive solution that includes the installation and management of Wi-Fi networks for professional use with high-quality equipment with added value, as well as its maintenance and support in the event of an incident. Here are some of the distinctive features of the product:

  • Commercial and technical advice.
  • Study of requirements, needs and coverage.
  • Installation of the wireless network in keeping with the established previous requirements.
  • A secure wireless Wi-Fi network.
  • Connectivity and data included.
  • Supervision of the solution and maintenance and support in the event of an incident.
  • High-quality equipment.