Mobile services

2020 was the year of improvements in terms of both contract-based and prepaid mobile services. In the second quarter of the year we changed the pricing system for our prepaid mobile services, incorporating the S and M rates with domestic minutes and data. With these new rates customers no longer have to think about recharging as they consume, as they can enjoy the services as if they have a contract rate, with the benefits and security of the control of their prepaid consumption. The new rates have proved very popular among users, to the extent that 40% of customers were already enjoying them by the end of 2020.

The rates for residential customers were changed and simplified in December, with a reduction from 11 to 5 in their number. The changes included updated data volumes, which are included in ALL the rates, thus making us one of the first carriers to offer internet throughout their catalogues.

We should highlight that, among the extensions, the data volume of S, the rate with the most customers, was multiplied by four and raised to 2 GB. The XL rate, with EVERYTHING included, has as many as 100 GB of data, which is almost an “unlimited” rate.

In July and August, when there was a certain relaxation of the lockdown due to the improvement in the pandemic data, the data for ALL the rates doubled to enable customers to enjoy them both in and outside Andorra. The measure affected more than 70,000 contract mobiles. Throughout these two months, mobile data consumption more than doubled from the total recorded during the year, thus demonstrating the success of the campaign among customers.

Internet and telephony

2020 was marked by the intensive use of the internet service due to the lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in March. Just before then, Andorra Telecom reinforced its internet network to cope with the significant increase in consumption.

In March and April, household consumption rose from 185 GB/month to 257 GB/month, an increase of almost 40%. Our users, both individuals and companies, praise the fact that the telecommunications network is scaled to deal with peaks due to the increase in consumption among households, related in particular to audiovisual contents, and remote working.

These increases have come to stay, given that, during the following months without any strict lockdown, monthly household consumption remained at levels well above those recorded in 2019.

The launch of 700 Mbps Internet Access in late 2019 also became well-established in 2020. By December 2020, 700 Mbps Internet Access already accounted for almost 10% of all accesses. Throughout the year we reminded customers of the reasons for moving up to this high speed when several people with different needs live together at home.

The Wi-Fi Total service was launched in early 2020 to optimise the internet experience within the home. The service is based on the installation of Wi-Fi repeaters in the customer’s home following a study by our technicians. The new solution guarantees optimal quality throughout the home and comprehensive end-to-end management by Andorra Telecom. Wi-Fi Total is highly recommended for working from home.


Andorra Telecom, sensitive to the situation stemming from the coronavirus, opened up its channels for all customers with access to the service during the months with the strictest lockdown so as to expand the offer for all the members of the family and make being isolated at home more entertaining.

This initiative enhanced the Television service, which is undergoing constant growth throughout the year, having exceeded 14,000 subscribers for the first time, an expansion that has particular value at a time of strong competition with other platforms. This rise means 400 new customers have signed up for the service.

Campaigns are carried out throughout the year to remind customers of the different contents in all the packages and the benefits of having a decoder with which they can enjoy television in a different way, free of schedules and with the option of watching whatever they want, whenever they want.