Public Responsibility

The B-resol application, in six schools

More and more schools are beginning to use B-resol, the anti-bullying application for pupils over 12 years old. The latest one is the Andorran Santa Coloma school, with 420 pupils and 75 teachers and non-teaching employees, which joins the Andorran Encamp and Ordino second-ary schools and the Sant Ermengol, Anna Maria Janer and Sagrada Família primary schools.

The tool has been available in Andorra since the 2016-2017 academic year to enable children and teens to report any situation or problem they might be experiencing both at and outside school. Together with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Andorra Telecom is the driving force behind this application, which is aligned with one of the company’s areas of cor-porate social responsibility, that of raising awareness of the good use of the Internet among young people.

The solution allows young people, whether victims or witnesses, to anonymously report con-flicts or harassment at any time of the day and choose the interlocutors they want to alert. It can be downloaded after accepting a legal notice with information on the tool and the minors have to confirm either that they’re 14 or older or that they’ve received their parents’ authori-sation.

A total of 837 pupils participate in Clean Up Day

Andorra Telecom has participated in the European Clean Up Day campaign for the second consecutive year. Silvia Calvó, the Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability, and Ester Vilarrubla, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, together with Jordi Nadal, the CEO of Andorra Telecom, accompanied the pupils from the EAMPE (Andorran Schools of Kindergarten and Primary Education) and the French school in Pas de la Casa in collecting litter and cleaning up the natural spaces around the lakes in Les Abelletes. The cleaning forms part of the European Clean Up Day campaign and it’s a joint initiative throughout the continent to raise awareness of the amount of waste that’s illegally dumped in natural spaces.

837 schoolchildren from twelve schools in the country’s three systems took part in 2020. For the second year in a row, Andorra Telecom participated in the event with the production of commemorative T-shirts and the purchase of gloves.

The free social numbers raise 9,622 euros

Andorra Telecom makes a range of short numbers available to different non-profit organisa-tions and the social sphere in our country to enable them to raise funds for their projects.

UNICEF Andorra has the 606 SMS number and the 120 telephone number. The 3,271 euros raised through the calls to the 120 number will go to the programme to enhance the education of children with disabilities in Bhutan, a project that oversees the development of inclusive schools and supports accessibility-related adaptations in schools.

It also provides the free Andorran Caritas number. The 121 number enables children to call the Three Wise Men or Father Christmas directly during the Christmas holidays. Caritas raised a total of 2,125 euros as a result of the above and assigned the money to the programme aimed at children in the country with different support needs.

The last of the phone numbers is 141 and it’s managed by the Andorran NGO Platform. The 1,780 euros raised correspond to the campaign to support those affected by the passage of Idai, the tropical cyclone, through Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi on March 2019, caus-ing hundreds of deaths and severe damage to infrastructures and equipment.

The other entities obtain income through social SMS. Andorra Telecom makes an annual public call to award the use of a three-digit number; the money raised through it is entirely allocated, without any associated costs, to a specific project. In 2020 the call was postponed to focus efforts on the 828 SMS number to raise funds to cope with the effects of the coronavirus.

The 175 short number for at-risk situations involving children and teen-agers

Andorra Telecom signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Youth to assign the 175 short number. The phone number provides the people who call,

confidentially and with respect for their anonymity, with information or advice in the event that they suspect a situation of risk and/or vulnerability involving a child or teenager in Andorra.

The 175 number is enabled as a free and permanent helpline with a 24-hour service every day of the year. The activation of this number is in keeping with the Qualified Law on the Rights of Children and Teenagers in Andorra, which determines the importance of the collaboration of citizens and professionals in the notification of situations or potential situations of a lack of protection for minors.

We sponsor the “With a Woman’s Voice” programme on SER Andorra radio

Andorra Telecom’s commitment to gender equality goes beyond internal initiatives to ensure equity and non-discrimination. It also includes cooperation with other actions such as the pub-licising of the significant role played by women in the development of our country. It’s this commitment that encouraged us to sponsor the SER Andorra programme in 2020.

“Young Point” in Sant Julià de Lòria

Andorra Telecom and the commune of Sant Julià de Lòria have formalised a five-year agreement to improve the use of the premises that had been used as a commercial agency for the parapublic in recent years.

The promotion of digital channels to facilitate customer management by Andorra Telecom and the increase in customers who use the app and website have led to a sharp decline in the commercial activity on the above premises, leading to a gradual reduction in the opening hours and customer service before COVID-19.

In view of the health crisis, Andorra Telecom is closing this customer service centre located in Germandat Square and allocating it as a place for activities aimed at young people in the parish.

We support the International Day against Gender Violence

25 November was declared International Day against Gender Violence during the first Feminist Encounter of Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Bogotá (Colombia) in 1981. This year, given the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Andorra Telecom has supported this commemoration, relaunching the capsules to raise awareness of gender violence among young people. The video pills replicate everyday situations in life that many young people don’t identify as gender-based violence and naturally accept. The capsules formed part of the campaign co-organised in 2018 with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs, with the support Willyrex, the popular youtuber, which proved very popular among young people, relatives and educators.

Awareness of good use of the Internet and gender equality are two of the pillars of Andorra Telecom’s social action and public responsibility.

We pedal against cancer

The company collaborated with a charitable initiative by providing connectivity for the smooth running of the second pedalada organised by the ASSANDCA (Andorran Association against Cancer), which was held in the hall at Serradells Sports Centre. More than 200 people, half of them from different Spanish cities, took part in an activity designed to raising funds to fight cancer.

Telethon Andorra

Andorran solidarity was put to the test once again with collaboration with the Telethon, a fund-raising campaign to raise money for research into minority diseases organised by AFM-Téléthon. Andorra Telecom provided the organisation with the 125 short number for dona-tions from our country.

This initiative has allowed 31 studies regarding minority diseases to be currently promoted and for the door to new treatments and innovative therapies being opened.

New Year’s Eve concert

On 1 January 2020 the cultural sphere was launched with the celebration of another New Year’s Concert, performed by the ONCA under the direction of Francesc Prat. Andorra Telecom supported it by providing technological support for the smooth running of the spectacle at the National Auditorium.

Under the generic title Waltzes, polkas and much, much more, the attendees listened to classi-cal pieces by Johann and Josef Strauss, Debussy, Beethoven and Offenbach. The concert was held as normal on the eve of the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, which entailed the cancel-lation of most cultural events.