Cultural Sponsorships

Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum

The use of technology in art has acquired extraordinary prominence in recent years. One obvi-ous example is the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum, where interactive screens allow the visi-tors to complement the works on display with information on the context, contemporary works, currents and influences on the author. Andorra Telecom’s commitment to the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum seeks to enrich the visitors’ experience by means of technology.

In 2020 art lovers enjoyed the exhibition titled Influencers in art. From Van Goyen to Pop Art. This was the fourth exhibition hosted in the art gallery and it remained open until 10 January 2021 due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was decided to extend the ex-hibition, in a year marked by exceptional measures due to the coronavirus, in order to reduce the impact on all the areas in terms of changes to the content.

The exhibition featured 27 works, three of which were sculptures, from different eras and styles that are interrelated as a result of the influential potential that artists, voluntarily or oth-erwise, have had throughout the history of art.