Digital Transformation

Andorra Telecom has focused a large part of its efforts on digital transformation, which is understood as a process of continuous renewal. The cross-organisational project carried out in 2019, which concluded with an achievement of 62% of the TM Forum maturity index, will continue in 2020 with the improvement of processes, especially in the area of document management.

The first step was the implementation of the biometric signature in the commercial agency. In the second phase, the work allows the full implementation of the electronic signature and the electronic signature pad. For operational purposes, this development means gains in terms of efficiency and agility, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and represents a 50% reduction in printing compared with the previous year, when paper consumption had already fallen dramatically. A total of 1,173 documents were signed during the year without a document manager. Another goal for the year is the approval of the Document and e-Filing Governance Plan.

The administration and finance department are also working on the digitalization of processes. In this regard, the culmination of the automation of the fixed asset management, cost accounting and contracts should be noted. Work has also been done at the preliminary stage for open order administration processes and self-service of requests.

The automation unit identified a total of 15 cases of business use and continued to work on the optimization through RPA (robotic process automation) technology of dozens of internal tasks with the aim of reducing the time allocated to routine tasks to devote efforts to jobs that add more value.
The customer service department also benefited from all the digitalization work of recent years. The number of queries and procedures, through the app and the portal, has grown exponentially (link to digital memory channels)
Andorra Telecom also participates in the Andorra Digital Transformation Programme (PdTDA) by providing logistical support and a contribution of 4.5 million euros.