The situation produced by the COVID-19 pandemic is not having any impact on the NIU’s activity. During the months in which the health protocols have prevented the physical presence of entrepreneurs, the work and activities have continued to unfold online. The agreements with domestic and international entrepreneurship centres are being reinforced to continue promoting and supporting a start-up ecosystem in our country.

The Andorra Telecom incubator/accelerator welcomes entrepreneurs who promote projects of a technological nature. The companies not only physically move into the NIU, located in the Els Arcs de la Massana building, but they are also assigned a mentor to accompany them, they receive advice related to different areas and they have the opportunity to take part in the financing rounds promoted by the NIU and partner entities.

Earlier this year, TeamStone, a start-up that offers a solution for managing the data of financial entities, moved into the NIU. This is a company that specialises in managing the data of financial entities that has developed the TrionData solution geared towards the implementation of what is termed Business Data Management.

In 2020, partnership agreements were reached with Kereitsu Forum, the largest international network of private investors, enabling the NOYU’s start-ups to take part in its forums and obtain economic benefits, and the Andorran Hive Five Bomosa co-working space, to channel the synergies between the entrepreneurs at the two centres. Partnerships are also being established with Oracle for start-ups and Outside the box consulting.

In February, the NIU took part in the Tech Spirit Barcelona, an event aimed at the start-up community that fills part of the void left by the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress and 4 Years From Now due to the pandemic.